Life Insurance

An amount insured which is paid to your loved ones upon your death. Life insurance protects those who are dependent on your income.

In case of your untimely death, it provides your loved ones with ongoing income to replace yours. It can also provide an emergency fund to cover costs incurred upon your death.

A well thought out life insurance policy is worth its weight in gold as it will look after your loved ones long after you are gone.

What do you need to protect in the event of your death?

You want your legacy to your loved ones to be wonderful memories of the time you spent with them but also for them to know they are being loved by you even upon your demise.

Your life insurance can have paid off your mortgage and other obligations which gives your loved ones a debt free and stress less life.

· Secure your home for future generations.

· Inheritance to your dependents.

· Retirement income for your spouse or partner.

· Savings fund for the future which can be utilised for what you valued such as education or travel.

We can come to you to further discuss the options available to you to meet your current circumstances and your future needs. We can assist you to realize your goals for the future of your loved ones.

Disclaimer - The benefits and descriptions for all products mentioned above are generic only in nature and are dependent on the amount of cover, type of cover, wait periods, limitations of cover, special terms (if any), and the standard terms and conditions of the insurance provider. These may vary from one provider to the other and may vary even within the same product provider’s product range. Above may also not be a complete nor exhaustive list of Risk and Health products available.