Group Medical Insurance

Group Health Insurance can help keeping your employees and business in top shape. It is considered as the most wanted ‘work perk’ offered by employers.

Health insurance can help keep your employees and business in top shape.

Helps to retain and attract the right people

Provides staff with access to faster treatment, reducing the loss of productivity and absenteeism caused by illness.

Promotes employee engagement with wellness solutions that help employees manage their own health

Demonstrates care for the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce

Pre-existing conditions cover unique to group health

Disclaimer - The benefits and descriptions for all products mentioned above are generic only in nature and are dependent on the amount of cover, type of cover, wait periods, limitations of cover, special terms (if any), and the standard terms and conditions of the insurance provider. These may vary from one provider to the other and may vary even within the same product provider’s product range. Above may also not be a complete nor exhaustive list of Risk and Health products available.